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The Founder's Bible is encased in a rich Chestnut Brown synthetic leather binding with rounded corners and hand-crafted perimeter stitching along with burnished imprints on the cover and spine. This New American Standard Bible bible is a treasure to hold.


Proudly developed and printed in the U.S.A!


It includes the Declaration of Independence, The Constitution, and the Bill of Rights & Amendments. 


Also included are:

  • 2272 pages beautifully designed and illustrated
  • Original artwork from C. Michael Dudash
  • Family Ancestry pages
  • Family event pages
  • Biblical commentary on issues such as marriage, taxation, business, and the Founding of America
  • "Freedom is a Fragile Thing"
  • "Escape from Tyranny"
  • 150 biographies or quotes from various Founders
  • An American Timeline of History, Presidents for eh U.S and Colonial Maps
  • Subject Indes, Concordance, Center column Cross-reference Study Edition, and Bible maps


"The mission behind this project has been far more important than any profitability in time it might yield." - The creators of the Founder's Bible

Leather-Soft Founder's Bible

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